Soprano 1: Jen Boecker, Kelsey Ko, Phoebe, Rusack, Victoria Scovens

Soprano 2: Lissette Acosta, Lauren Brown, Kaitlyn Gall, Victoria Johnson, Cailtin McGorry, Janessa Scherrman

Alto 1: Erin Cavanaugh, Madison Donchez, Kyeema Isaac, Lydia Johnson, Kailtyn Peters, Aliceann Trostle

Alto 2: Lexi Davis, Kate Snyder

Tenor: Michael Brandle,

Baritone: Aaron Bowden, Michael Harding, Jalon Mathis,

Bass: Nick Allen, Ian Bethmann, Grant Stives

* Please note: participation in Les Chanteurs is based upon audition rubric results, as well as the completion of a signed Les Chanteurs contract (to be distributed in hardcopy in July or accessed via the link below) and to be returned to Mrs. Volpato no later than Friday, August 30th. Continued involvement in Les Chanteurs will be based on: participation, rehearsal and concert etiquette, rehearsal and concert attendance, citizenship, and outstanding fulfillment of all curricular and behavioral guidelines set forth in the FHS Choir policies and procedures.