Club Leaders: Sarayna Nick, Lanai Galarza, and Thomas Benak

Soprano 1: Kelsey Ko, Sarayna Nick, Sarah Sturm

Soprano 2: Erica Barrett, Katie Gibbs, Rachel Loh

Alto 1: Madison Donchez, Sarah Evans, Ellyce Nieves,

Alto 2: (Note: we only had 1 person audition for this part. Most of the parts seem to be set in a low Alto 1 range so we will move voices up to Alto 1 as is necessary and healthy for your voices. We will have to make due on this. Only people who could solidly hit an A4 were placed on this part, )
Lexi Davis (A2), Lanai Galarza, (will rotate parts), Lydia Johnson (will rotate parts)

Tenor: Thomas Benak, Elmer Torres

Baritone: Daryl Becker, Alex Mitchell


* Please note: participation in Drastic Measures is based upon audition rubric results, as well as the completion of a signed Drastic contract (to be distributed in hardcopy in July or accessed via the link below) and to be returned to Mrs. Volpato no later than Friday, August 30th. Continued involvement in Drastic Measures will be based on: participation, rehearsal and concert etiquette, rehearsal and concert attendance, and citizenship. We will be representing our school through our community and various other communities so preparation and etiquette are key components to remaining involved in this group. Parts will need to be learned and rehearsed thoroughly in order to participate in travel opportunities.

Song Ideas to check out