Soprano 1: Phoebe R.
Soprano 1/2: Laura D.
Soprano 2: Caroline K., Ashley M.
  • There will also be 3 soprano alternates in order to assist in performances when we are short sopranos during the theater season. Alternates demonstrated competency and the ability for growth in their auditions. Alternates will attend rehearsal regularly and will be expected to learn the parts along with their peers so that they are able to substitute based on need for balance depending on the piece. Alternates will need to demonstrate adequate competency on all pieces and will need to maintain that competency throughout the year so that they may have the opportunity to partake in Les Chanteurs performances out in the community. Alternates will not necessarily perform on every piece, rehearsing with the ensemble will advance individual skill and vocal development.
  • Soprano alternates: Mia G., Stephanie M.
  • Soprano alternate: Bridget K. * see Mrs. V for additional info.

Alto: Kristie L., Megan D., Carly O. Veray D.
Soprano/Alto Split voicing: (will swing between parts as needed): Marissa G., Isabella D.
Tenor: Peter D. , Isaiah B. , Max I.
Baritone: Jalon M.
Bass 1: Ryan I.
Bass 2: Atticus R., Grant S.