Communication is key for students and parents to stay up to date while enrolled in FHS Choir. For that reason, various types of services will be used to assure that we have every possible aspect of communication covered. Services are listed below.

1. Remind 101 will be used as the primary source of communication to keep both the students and parents up to date, especially if there are any cancellations of certain groups before the end of that school day. Remind is a safe one way communication device used by teachers to keep in contact with their students without actual transfer of phone numbers. Only names are stored on the server and the phone numbers of the students are NEVER viewable to ANYONE, including the teachers. Usually, any updates are instantly pushed out through this system.

To sign up, follow directions below... PLEASE USE YOUR FULL NAME when signing up. Refrain from the use initials or unidentifiable nicknames. Also, if you don't have a cell phone, notify Mrs. V and try to rely on a friend who is involved in choir or the same group, to alert you of any cancellations during the day.

Those who have wished to part from the choral program or are seniors and wish to not receive Remind messages, text in the format of "unsubscribe @fhschoir2" and replace "fhschoir2" with each tag you have signed up with.
Thanks for your cooperation!

Number to text to: 81010

FOR PARENTS, TEXT @fhsparent1

For ALL CHOIR, text @fhschoir2
For Bell Choir, text @fhsbell
For Chorale, text @fhschorale
For Les Chanteurs, text @fhsles
For District Chorus, text @choirdist
For Parents, text @fhsparent1
For Section Leaders, text @fhssection
For Band/Orchestra, text @bandorch1
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