Notes from MrsV
All singers will need to begin rehearsing now in order for us to potentially pull this re-audition off.

Please pull out your O Holy Night recording and music and begin to rehearse your part with the tracks that I sent you in April. These are the things that I was told we needed work on: pitch and intonation; tempo was dragging: blend so that certain singers do not stand out; and it must be memorized. We also must work on our staging so that every student can be clearly seen and observed in their performance at all times during the video. Please plan to come to our first joint rehearsal with your part reviewed, polished according to the performance notes I gave you, and memorized!

As for Daa Naa Se, the piece was unacceptable because we used a soloist and it did not represent enough of the full choir singing for a long enough period of time. I will have to choose another piece for us to learn and record. I have a couple of ideas but will need to get rehearsal tracks and music ready to go.I will notify you via REMIND as soon as everything is available online and scores available at school.

I will have to look at potential rehearsal dates Disney has sent me the deadline of September 16th to resubmit which means our deadline is more like September 8th. Both pieces will need to be memorized and we will have to redo the entire video including O Holy Night . I will communicate those rehearsal dates and times as soon as I get everything coordinated with my schedule and with Freedom. Right now I am looking at August 16th from 4:45 - 6:00 p.m.

Please note: you will have to be rehearsing independently as well as attend all scheduled rehearsals in order for us to potentially pull this off. There cannot be any more than a 15% difference in the number of students in the video versus the number of students that will be performing or we will not be accepted. One of our biggest areas to work on was blend according to the director and that can only be improved by singing together so if we want to do this we will all have to plan to be at every rehearsal.

With lots of effort and this opportunity at a second chance lets put our hearts, minds, and talents together to do our best. I am very proud of all of you for our first audition video; none of us have ever done this before and we made it to perform as an individual group. Let's give it one more shot toward Candlelight Processional!