CLASS OF 2017-2018:

Dear Seniors:
The time has come to select the senior song and to write your senior bio for the spring concert program.
Please follow the directions below for each of these items.
Don't forget Murdy -Haber Scholarships are due by April 28th
Best regards,
Mrs. V

Senior Song suggestions:
Please vote on 1 by sending a text to Mrs. V by Thursday 4/12; the song will be decided based upon the number of people that respond so if you would like a choice then please listen to the songs below and text your first and second choice selection.

Freedom Song:

It's So Hard to Say to Goodbye to Yesterday

Corner of the Sky:

Senior Bios:
Please check the sample senior Bios on the link below. Please write a bio for yourself to be printed in the spring concert program. Bios are to be submitted no later than April 20th via email or shared google doc link if you would like to have it printed in the program.

Sample senior bios